Bridget Chase

Bridget Chase is an American author who primarily writes both horror and satirical comedy. He was born in Houston Texas; studied art at the University of Texas San Antonio (bore) where he received his Bachelor of Fine Art. He was a school teacher for many years, but left because it sucked ass. Bridget currently resides in Boulder Colorado where he has an art studio and works everyday writing new stories.

1. Mega Morphin Power Fiction Vol.1 (Anthology)
2. Mega Morphin Power Fiction Vol.2 (Anthology)
3. Mega Morphin Power Fiction Vol.3 (Anthology)
4. Bootleg Vol. 1 (Anthology)(AKA Mega Morphin Power Fiction Vol.4)
5. Bootleg Vol. 2 (Anthology)(AKA Mega Morphin Power Fiction Vol.5)
6. Bootleg Vol. 3 (Anthology)(AKA Mega Morphin Power Fiction Vol.6)
7. Not Amanda (Horror)
8. Frank Made Lunch (Horror)
9. Dr. Gore's Cannibal Circus (Horror)
10. Cemetery of Terror (Horror Comedy Short Stories)

1. The Roast (Action Comedy)
2. Emma Unleashes Hell (Horror)
3. We the Black Fiction (Anthology)
4. Tanner 5 (Full House Satire Stories)

*Triple Features*
1. Menage A Terror
2. The Clooney Files
3. Muppet Funhouse
4. Undead Roulette
5. Zombie Chaos
6. Femme Fatale
7. Jesus and Satan's Excellent Adventure

*Double Features*
1. Dustin by the Bell
2. Sense of Humor Street

*Short Stories* (Everything Else: 10-60 pages)
-Over 100 available-

*Movie Cliff Series*
1. Battle Angela (Parody: Battle Angel)
2. Mile 23 (Parody: Mile 22)
3. Final Point (Parody: Final Score)
4. Venum (Parody: Venom)
5. The Meg:Ryan Shark (Parody: The Meg)

*Super Shorts*
1. First Guy
2. Kermit Da' Gein
3. 2021 Hathaworld Ends
4. Keaton Man
5. Cruisin for Doppelgangers
... and more!

*Coming Soon* More short stories
and Moonshine Vol.1 (AKA Mega Morphin Power Fiction Vol.7)

2810 Wilderness Place, Suite E
Boulder, CO 80301


Not Amanda (Book Cover Image)

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