Leala Smith

Theme/body of work:  Abstract painting
Medium: Acrylic paint, ink and mixed media on canvas.

About Me
Leala is an abstract artist currently working with acrylics and ink in order to capture poetry, reflections and primordial flow.

Leala majored in Fine Arts at University of Colorado Boulder with an emphasis on painting. During her studies, she became fascinated with various textures, the chemistry of different paint interactions, and mixed media combinations. Her paintings represent the whimsical, fluid, and wild, and are often found in both modern, contemporary homes and artistic eclectic spaces.

"Texture is the base for all of my paintings, and I build up layers from there. Layers in my artwork are like memories to me…they build up, form history, and then tiny gems come through here and there and make other layers around them beautiful. The immense amount of beautiful nature around my home in Colorado, and all of my global travels, also greatly inspire my appreciation for working the concept of ephemeral beauty and subtle color into my work. I like leaving interpretation up to the viewer, and wish to evoke emotion and serenity from my work so that people can be transported to a moment of presence, love, or perhaps bliss. I think that art can make people feel so much happiness, and this is what I truly hope to capture on a single canvas."

2810 Wilderness Place, Suite E
Boulder, CO 80301
Website: www.lealaluna.com

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    Ula, Acrylic on canvas, 48x48

    Leala Smith Ula 1